Meet Brianna


Hello! I'm currently a stay at home mom.  My husband Ben and I bought a house 3 years ago off of Lake Superior, just 30 minutes north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We love being surrounded by the beauty of  nature and raising our sons in a country setting. We have a rental cabin/ bed and breakfast that sits on the back half of our property. It fills up during the summer months and is a perfect job for a stay at home mom. But I need to do something more than cook and clean! 


Brand NEW Business!!

I’m excited to launch In Home Fitness this December. This business is created to inspire moms like myself and other women who struggle with finding time for exercise and healthy eating. 

What’s your first thought when going to a gym? 

Is it stress, anxiety, motivational issues, poor self esteem, insecurities, other things to do, commute, atmosphere, expenses, prolonged results, no babysitter, being in pain? 

I get it. I’ve made every one of these excuses to not workout or go to the gym. I'm a mom raising  three boys age four and under. 


I understand everyone has personal struggles, previous injuries and illnesses that seem to debilitate them from exercising, or adjusting to the psychological hurdle of pregnancy and postpartum. Let us help you set and achieve your fitness goals this year!